16th & 17th February, 2019   |    9:30 am - 4:30 pm
   PYC Hindu Gymkhana

Learning the Competition between two minds from the Master himself

  • You learn how pieces move on the chess board, play the game with your parents, siblings, friends and at school. You get even more interested, participate in competitions. You win some; you lose some. And suddenly, chess is just not a game for you anymore!
  • You are fascinated with the royal game. You want to play correct openings, interesting attacks, stubborn defences, beautiful maneuvers, precise end games...You are fascinated with the game! Caissa the goddess of chess, has smiled on you!
  • You want to learn all the aspects of the game properly. You are looking for a trainer. You know the old saying - Training is the essence of transformation!
  • We at the PYC Club heard you! The young talents of Pune deserve better. We decided to give you the inspiration and uplift when you come face to face with greatness, which traditional learning sometimes cannot...
  • One of the wisest sayings ever goes, "When the student wants to learn, the master appears!" And in this case, we decided to bring to the city of Pune, the best of them all masters, the one and only Vishy Anand!

About the Master

  • It is impossible to describe the genius of Viswanathan Anand. He started playing for the world championship throne 1990 Manila interzonal - 28 years ago! He has been world champion 5 times; he is still up and running! It is futile to define his greatness - 'Anand is the player with the best common sense in chess, in the history of the game' was the quote by Israeli Grandmaster Lev Psakhis.
  • It is revealing to talk about his smartness - he invented working with 'remote engines' in chess using internet and multicore computers around 2007, much before everyone. It is perplexing to understand his depth of motivation - we may never be able to get it.
  • Safe to define the phenomenon of Anand with just a couple of pointers. He is the pioneer of chess in India. A single man industry who created a revolution how chess is played in our country.
  • Anand is a supporter for chess in this part of the country for a long time now. It is a pleasure to bring him to Pune once again. In the role of a 'Shifu', a master who can inspire and show us all how he became himself. Both on the chess board and off it.
  • Vishy famously said about getting better at chess, "You never achieve perfection, but can strive towards it!" When we have the man himself show the trades of his craft, we shall start on the path to achieve it, one day...

What awaits you at the CHAMPCOACH?

  • How does a spark in a child becomes an all consuming fire of passion? How was that 11 year old Chennai boy playing at mind-boggling speed became the colossal world-beating talent?
  • Anand has rubbed shoulders with all the legends of the game beginning with the 'golden era', from the 'patriarch' Mikhail Botvinnik to the modern genius Magnus Carlsen. How has it been to play against those who have ruled the planet for these 60 years!?
  • What is a day in the life of a world champion? How does he get ready to play a game in the afternoon? Does he do anything special before a game to get into the perfect mood for playing? How does he rest after a game? Does he do any sport or physical activity during tournaments?
  • These are some of the questions which we all want to ask Vishy. Our curiosity is endless, so is our eagerness to hear from Anand about his craft.
  • And yes, we want him to show some interesting chess also!
  • These are our intentions, when Viswanathan Anand steps in at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana, Pune, on the 16th and 17th of February, 2019.

We shall also have Grandmasters Vidit Gujrathi and Abhijit Kunte as part of the program.

For me, chess is not a profession, it is a way of life, a passion. People may feel that I have conquered the peak and will not have to struggle...but as far as chess goes, Im still learning a lot!

Viswanathan Anand

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